Low Cost
Bottleless water coolers are less expensive than bottled water service. Bottleless coolers virtually eliminate the high cost of delivery, compounded by high gas prices and personnel thats a 65% savings on average.

Better Water Quality
Our bottless water coolers generate clean, great-tasting water, by utilizing advanced water purification technologies.

Bottleless water coolers provide a continuous flow of drinking water, eliminating the need to lift, replenish, store, or rush-order bulky water bottles.

Better for the Environment
Bottleless water coolers are environmentally friendly. They eliminate the use of plastic jugs which are not biodegradable. They also eliminate the need for fossil fuel-burning delivery trucks that pollute the environment. Do your part in conserving the environment. Leave a small carbon footprint by switching to bottleless water coolers.

Purified Tap Water
Did you know that 75% of all bottled water is purified municipal water? Does it make sense to spend on drinking water as much as you would spend on the same amount of soda? By eliminating the bottling process our bottleless water cooler provides you with better quality water than what you purchase in a bottle for a fraction of the cost. "trust your Neighbor".

Coffee Service with a Neighborly flavor

Collers are avaliable in counter top and free standing.

Water Quality

Drink fresh clean purified water at a fraction of the cost of bottles.